The importance of email outreach

The sheer number of people that use email for communications every day makes email a viable marketing channel. Studies show that there are about 4 billion active email users in the world today, and 91% of them check their email addresses every day. Most email campaigns deliver an ROI of 42:1; this explains why discerning businesses actively use email marketing strategy in their business. The email marketing service of M&M Marketing is designed to help businesses of all sizes leverage direct marketing to their advantage.

We provide our clients with turnkey email marketing solutions designed to generate leads and motivate them through email sequences to patronize your business. Our team of email marketers with extensive experience knows how to create highly engaging marketing emails that expedite your sales cycle and maximizes ROI.

What We Do?

Our team creates all the inventory that customers need to get their email marketing campaigns up and running. This includes setting up the email server or autoresponder service, creating landing pages, and other lead magnets that motivate the audience to sign up to the list. After that, we move to research the perfect audience for our client’s business and where to find them online. Once that is done, its time to set the ball rolling.


We will craft a content strategy to determine what your brand’s message should be and how we will add value.
Finally, we will determine when emails will be sent and how they will progress leads down your marketing funnel.
Build Credibility
Boost Sales
Targeted Content