Influencer Marketing

Companies turn to social media to woo new prospects to their brands and to engage existing customers. This method has proved to be effective buts take some time to yield the desired outcomes. However, many brands are using influencer marketing to achieve instant results from their marketing investments. We have positioned our company to help Qatari companies locate and coordinate with leading influencers in Qatar.

Reach Out to your Target Audience

Over the years, the effectiveness of traditional advertisement has declined as consumers response to ads across all media is reaching an all-time low. Rather, consumers depend on personal recommendations and reviews from fellow consumers to make a buying decision. The reason is simple, consumers are seeking authenticity and not blatant advertisements of products and services. That is where the service is influencers in Qatar brings value to your business. Influencers are generally regarded as opinion leaders in their industry, they have a steady audience that listens and trusts their opinions. That is why your Qatari brand should collaborate with influencers in Qatar to reach out to your target audience in the country.

Launch a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Working with influencers in Qatar requires a level of expertise to achieve outstanding results. You need not worry; our team shall handle all that is necessary to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign for your brand. While most novices are carried away by the numbers of followers of various influencers, we look at far-reaching factors that determine the outcomes. Our team locates qualified influencers in Qatar and observes their level of engagement closely. We recommend influencers based on crucial factors such as brand fit, post engagement, budget, and authenticity.

Strategy that is Tailored for your Brand

After shortlisting the best influencers Qatar, we work closely with each one to create a strategy that is tailored for your brand to deliver tangible results. Based on a budget of our clients, we can manage multiple long-term influencer marketing projects using big names or micro-influencers.

Event Marketing

M&M Marketing is an event management agency in Qatar that provides comprehensive event marketing solutions for businesses. Our event marketing agency uses strategies that go way beyond publicity and logistics for organizing events. We take the time to do background research to determine the type of event that would generate the best ROI for your business. After that, we streamline the best public relations strategy, set goals, and identify key performance indicators to measure outcomes.

Target Ideal Audience for your Company

Although impressive attendance is essential for an event, it is more crucial to streamline the right audience for every corporate occasion. Whether we are organizing a roadshow, product launch, or repositioning your brand, a targeted audience is crucial to achieving great results. This explains why the experts of our event marketing agency target the ideal audience of your company with the right advertising media.

Event marketing agency
Event marketing agency

Prospects and Clients Derive Value from the Event

After creating an excellent plan for your business event, the teams of our event marketing company would be live at the event venue to oversee executions. Every scheduled activity of the event is designed to promote your corporate brand, product, or the cause of your company. We take the time to include elements of entertainment and interactions, so the audience is actively engaged while we pass across the message of our clients. Both the business prospects and existing clients of your company would derive value from the event and be lighted to continue relating with your brand.

We can Help you Succeed on your Next Business Event

Many companies invest a lot to organize business events but fail to establish KPIs to benchmark results. The team of experts in our event marketing company knows better, that is why build KPIs and create processes to handle data collection. Some of our techniques include event registrations, lead capture, souvenir distribution, among other methods. Our team computes the data and present reports to our clients after the events.

Our event marketing company can help you make a success of your next business event in Qatar. Get in touch with us today.

Event marketing agency

Media Planning

At M&M Marketing, we help clients to create media plans thas synergize both conventional and modern online media strategies. Our goal is to select the most effective and cost-efficient media for passing your brand’s message across to the audience. We work closely with top-notch creative and advertising agencies to create media and broadcast through a combination of selected channels in our media plan. The media channels we use include radio, television, print media, and digital media available through online channels.

We Help Clients Select the Most Effective and Cost-efficient Media

Most prospects interact with the content created by a business before actually making a decision to buy their product or use their services. It might be a product brochure, company profile, newsletter, website content, or a blog post. Therefore, the quality of your copywriting in Qatar could determine if a prospect would patronize your business or go to your competitor. Content creation for your Qatari company is a complicated task that should be managed by a professional copywriting company. We have a team of expert copywriters that can create top-notch content that caters to all your needs for copywriting in Qatar

Our Media Plans Yields Record-Breaking ROI for our Clients

The emergence of intelligence tools has changed the landscape of media planning. Unlike our competitors, our team takes a scientific approach to identify your brand’s audience and the types of media that resonates with them. Whether your ideal customers are online or fascinated with traditional media, we’ll find that and reach out with your message. That is why our media plans are highly effective, engaging, and yields record-breaking ROI for our clients.

We Offer the Best Possible Deals for our Customers

The budgeting aspect of media planning is another area where we create value for our customers. We aim to maximize exposure while operating within the limits of our clients’ budgets. To achieve this goal, we leverage relationships with our media partners to get the best possible deals for our customers. We understand the power of buying volumes and negotiate for the value that gives our customers an edge over their competitors. So we facilitate discounts, prime positioning, free inventory, and editorial exposure for our customers.

Our Proven Method Achieves Better ROI from Media Campaigns

Identifying goals, objectives, and creating templates for monitoring results and reporting are crucial aspects of our media plan. Although there are efficient tools for monitoring and reporting while using online media, this is not the case with traditional advertisements. To achieve our aims, we collaborate with advertising agencies to implement a feedback mechanism that allows us to collate data from traditional media campaigns. We leverage such data to create reports for clients and for continuous improvement to achieve better ROI from media campaigns.

Email Marketing

The sheer number of people that use email for communications every day makes email a viable marketing channel. Studies show that there are about 4 billion active email users in the world today, and 91% of them check their email addresses every day. Most email campaigns deliver an ROI of 42:1; this explains why discerning businesses actively use email marketing strategy in their business. The email marketing service of M&M Marketing is designed to help businesses of all sizes leverage direct marketing to their advantage.

Email Marketing Solutions Designed to Generate Leads

We provide our clients with turnkey email marketing solutions designed to generate leads and motivate them through email sequences to patronize your business. Our team of email marketers with extensive experience knows how to create highly engaging marketing emails that expedite your sales cycle and maximizes ROI.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

We Make Lead Magnets that Motivate Audience to Sign up to the List

Our team creates all the inventory that customers need to get their email marketing campaigns up and running. This includes setting up the email server or autoresponder service, creating landing pages, and other lead magnets that motivate the audience to sign up to the list. After that, we move to research the perfect audience for our client’s business and where to find them online. Once that is done, its time to set the ball rolling.

Sit Back and Relax, We’ve Got You Covered

We will then craft a content strategy to determine what your brand’s message should be and how we will add value. And finally, we will determine when emails will be sent and how they will progress leads down your marketing funnel.

Email Marketing

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is the leading online advertisement media in the world today. Over 75% of people that use search engines to discover online resources prefer Google. That explains why Adwords drives the best value in the paid search industry. Unlike other types of media, Adwords enables advertisers to see immediate results and use ad stats to fine-tune campaigns to achieve the best possible outcomes. However, you must apply the right strategy to get an outstanding ROI from Adwords. Our expertise can be a game-changer that brings positive transformation to your online marketing endeavors.

We Offer a Turnkey Google Adwords Management Solution

Our in-house strategy for setting up and managing Google Adwords for our clients is complicated but delivers outstanding ROI for our client’s campaigns. We offer a turnkey Google Adwords Management solution that deploys our experts to handle all the complicated tasks. So, our customers just sit back and manage the leads and sales that we drive to their business and upscale their campaign if they have adequate resources to handle more orders.

google ads
google ads

We Deliver Low Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for our Customers’ Campaigns

Competitor analysis and keyword research are crucial to our strategy. We extract relevant keywords from the top-tier competitors in our clients’ industry and apply them to discover overlooked long-tail keywords. This process helps us deliver low cost-per-click (CPC) for our customers’ campaigns while competitors spend more to get the same traffic.

We have an Effective Method for Generating Massive Business Leads and Sales

Our team creates high-converting landing pages with lead funnels that are connected to autoresponder systems. After that, we develop split tests to fine-tune Google Adwords Campaigns to achieve the best possible results. This method has proved to be effective for generating massive business leads and sales for our client’s businesses. Our Google Adwords team fine-tunes campaigns continuously till we achieve the best possible ROI.

We designed our operation to align with the unique needs of our clients. Our service structure accommodates one-time Google Adwords campaign management as well as on-going campaigns. At the end of every month, we present a detailed report of ad performance and a plan for the next Google Adwords campaign.

google ads


Whether your company provides service online or offline, your business needs a consistent flow of relevant content for your audience. Enterprises need a wide array of copywriting services ranging from product and service descriptions to marketing articles, newsletters content, and much more. Do you need copywriting in Qatar for your business? Our company provides professional content creation in English and Arabic that takes care of all your copywriting in Qatar requirements.

Engage your Target Market with Relevant Content

Most prospects interact with the content created by a business before actually making a decision to buy their product or use their services. It might be a product brochure, company profile, newsletter, website content, or a blog post. Therefore, the quality of your copywriting in Qatar could determine if a prospect would patronize your business or go to your competitor. Content creation for your Qatari company is a complicated task that should be managed by a professional copywriting company. We have a team of expert copywriters that can create top-notch content that caters to all your needs for copywriting in Qatar

Copywriting in Qatar
Copywriting in Qatar

Top-notch Content that Builds Trust

Our content creation services go way beyond merely communicating your message to your audience. Our experts that handle copywriting in Qatar are proficient in crafting words to motivate the reader to respond to call to action. So, whether you need a sales letter for your business, or want to write your product brochure, we’ll create the content that magnet leads and sales for your company.

Rank High in Search Engines

Another core area of our copywriting in Qatar services covers creating content for your online media. Your websites and blogs need well researched and easy to ready content that enlightens and captivates your site visitor. Besides the human visitor, the content should also be optimized for ranking in the search engines. We use our in-depth understanding of SEO to optimize your website content, blogs, and articles for the right keywords. That is why our copywriting in Qatar materials rank high in the search engine results pages. Get in touch with us for a free consultation regarding your copywriting needs.

Copywriting in Qatar


M&M Marketing works with both small scale and big companies to make their brand stand out. As a leading creative agency in Qatar, we know what it takes to create a brand that makes a striking impression. We have in house talents that create stunning flyers, billboards, banners, souvenirs, branded stationeries, product brochures, company profiles, annual reports, jingle production, animated video, documentaries, and much more. Whether you want to create a new brand or rebrand an existing one, our creative agency will help you achieve your objectives.

Compelling Brand Story

We have a team of experts with an in-depth understanding of brand creation. An excellent branding service goes beyond merely choosing colors, creating logos, and taglines. The design of all branding elements must pass a salient message about your brand to the audience. That is why our creative agency starts every client’s branding assignment with a strategy.

Creative Agency
Creative Agency

Unique Brand Identity

Our brand design strategy starts by working with the clients to collect vital information about their business model, operations, products, and services. This discovery process helps the team of our creative agency gain clarity about the objectives of your business. Armed with this information, our creative agency is inspired to create an identity that aligns with your business goals and addresses the needs of your ideal customers.

We Design SEO Solutions that Align with the Needs and Budget of our Clients

After taking an in-depth look at your company, our team focuses on the larger picture, which is your business sector. Our creative agency conducts top-level analysis to uncover your target audience and key branding ideas that work for your industry. This approach enables our team to extract vital differentiators that help us position your brand effectively.

After the brand discovery procedures, our team of experts sets to work to create an authentic brand that tells your unique story to your target audience. This process involves creating brand elements, which include the logo, business tagline, mission statement, value propositions, and many others. Our branding strategy goes into detail to choose precise font types and colors for your business.  As a leading creative agency in Qatar, we create prominent brands that tell stories, builds trust, and increases loyalty for our client’s businesses.

Creative Agency


Search engine optimization is crucial for any online business. In fact, it is a single factor that differentiates a thriving online business and the one that is barely getting by. SEO is crucial for business growth because it directs people who are searching for your product or services to your website. This is the type of traffic that converts visitors to paying customers.

We are the Leading SEO Company in Qatar

M&M Marketing is a leading SEO company in Qatar. We achieve outstanding Google ranking results for our clients because we use ethical and result-driven SEO strategies. Our teams are on par with the ever-changing Google algorithms, which allows us to stay ahead of the curve in the website ranking game. Our SEO company uses premium tools and practical strategies that cut across on-page and off-page optimizations to rank our client’s websites for the right keywords.

search engine optimization
search engine optimization

We Make our Clients’ Websites Soar in the Search Engine Results Pages

We understand that keyword research is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. That is why we start every project by gathering the right keywords. Armed with the right short-tail, long-tail, and local SEO keywords, our experts proceed to optimize the website content for the selected keywords. After that, we design an off-page backlink strategy that focuses on link diversity. In essence, we create backlinks from blogs, web 2.0 sites, social links, and profile links. These type of links combinations looks entirely natural to the search engines and makes our client’s websites to soar in the search engine results pages.

We Design SEO Solutions that Align with the Needs and Budget of our Clients

Given the fact that the business needs of all businesses differ, so do their SEO needs. Therefore, we design SEO solutions that align with the needs and budget of our clients. Both our price structure and deliverables from SEO campaigns are transparent. Our Qatar SEO company provides monthly reports to clients, which shows the impact of our SEO services. Our standard report contains keyword ranking reports, traffic sources, goals conversion, and other vital statistics.

search engine optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential for any modern business. The reason is simple; both your existing customers and prospective leaves always hang out on social media platforms.  For instance, 74% of Facebook users log in to Facebook every day, while 64% claim that they like and follow a brand on Facebook.  Other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have similar exciting stats. Your business is already losing grounds to competitors if you are not using social media marketing strategy.  Our social media management service guaranteed to develop your brand awareness, build relationships stronger with your existing customers, and increase traffic to your website or landing pages.

What we can do?

Our social media management service is not restricted to any social media platform. We can help manage your social media accounts and grow your followers on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our in-house team of marketing experts works closely with the creative team to design stunning graphics and relevant video content for your social media platforms. We use these visual assets and original content to attract followers whose profile aligns with the interest, behavior, and demography of your ideal customer.

Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Reliable Connection with your Audience.

Creating value for your audience through relevant posts is a crucial aspect of our social media management service. Our posts that include professionally designed images increase the engagements from your audience through comments. Likes and shares. These posts create a more reliable connection with your audience, which leads to a higher level of brand loyalty. Some posts would go viral, giving your company unprecedented exposure that could be worth millions in traditional media advertisements.

We are here to help

Our social media management team takes care of the creation of targeted advertisements that funnels traffic into your funnels to acquire business leads and drive sales. We even use a retargeting strategy to increase the ROI from your advertisement campaigns. The best part is that the results of our social media management services are measurable. Our clients enjoy massive followership, increase in brand mentions, and a high level of engagement from their social media audience.

Social Media Management

Website Development

Website design plays a vital role in the overall marketing strategy of any modern business. Since websites are the first point of contact between your business and the contemporary customer, business needs to pay attention to website design. An excellent site serves as online business extensions that funnel traffic and drive sales for your business. Your website speaks volumes about your business. Therefore, it is crucial to make is professional, functional, and user-friendly website design.

Your Website Speaks Volumes About your Business

At M&M Marketing, we have a team of professional web developers that handle the website design needs of our clients. From typical business websites to blogs, landing pages, and eCommerce websites, our developers create sites that make your business stand out from competitors. The rapid increase and dominance of mobile technology have changed the landscape of website development. Over half of website visitors use mobile devices to access websites. Therefore, we take a mobile-first approach to website design. In essence, we create mobile responsive websites that look great and are functional on both mobile and desktop devices.

Website Design
Website Design

Our Website Design Solutions are Channeled to Achieve your Business Goals

However, developing result-oriented websites goes way beyond, merely focusing on design. Great websites are built to achieve clients’ objectives, which entails inspiring the visitor to respond to a call to action. The goals can range from filing a contact form, purchasing an item, downloading a digital product, and much more. Our customers derive outstanding value from our services because our website design projects are channeled to achieve our clients’ goals right from the start.

We Fine-tune your Website to Deliver more Value to your Business

We do not just stop at creating excellent websites for our customers, we also provide the support they need to derive the best value from it. Our website management service entails consistent updates of fresh content to keep your website audience engaged and providing updates to make the site functional and secure. Our team also handles website files and database backup to take care of contingencies. Every month, we present a report to our client that showing traffic sources and goals conversion. We also leverage these stats to fine-tune your website to deliver more value to your business.

Website Design