Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is the leading online advertisement media in the world today. Over 75% of people that use search engines to discover online resources prefer Google. That explains why AdWords drives the best value in the paid search industry. Unlike other types of media, AdWords enables advertisers to see immediate results and use ad stats to fine-tune campaigns to achieve the best possible outcomes. However, you must apply the right strategy to get an outstanding ROI from AdWords. Our expertise can be a game-changer that brings positive transformation to your online marketing endeavors.

Our in-house strategy for setting up and managing Google Ads for our clients is complicated but delivers outstanding ROI for our client's campaigns. We offer a turnkey Google Ads Management solution that deploys our experts to handle all the complicated tasks. So, our customers just sit back and manage the leads and sales that we drive to their business and upscale their campaign if they have adequate resources to handle more orders.

Competitor analysis and keyword research are crucial to our strategy. We extract relevant keywords from the top-tier competitors in our clients' industry and apply them to discover overlooked long-tail keywords. This process helps us deliver low cost-per-click (CPC) for our customers' campaigns while competitors spend more to get the same traffic.

Our team creates high-converting landing pages with lead funnels that are connected to autoresponder systems. After that, we develop split tests to fine-tune Google Ads Campaigns to achieve the best possible results. This method has proved to be effective for generating massive business leads and sales for our client's businesses. Our Google AdWords team fine-tunes campaigns continuously till we achieve the best possible ROI.

We designed our operation to align with the unique needs of our clients. Our service structure accommodates one-time Google Ads campaign management as well as on-going campaigns. At the end of every month, we present a detailed report of ad performance and a plan for the next Google AdWords campaign.