Why to use SMS Marketing?

Direct marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world today. When this marketing method is combined with mobile technology, the ROI shoots to the roof.
Statistics show that SMS has a remarkable 98% open rate within three minutes of receiving the message. No other marketing media in existence can be as efficient as SMS marketing. That is why discerning businesses are using SMS marketing to acquire business leads and engage their existing customers.

Although there are various messaging technologies in the world today, most are flawed with distractions. People have come to realize that only serious messages come in through SMS, so they pay attention when an SMS arrives. So, Bulk SMS is at the forefront of mobile marketing and plays a crucial role in gaining a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Qatar No.1 Bulk SMS Service Provider

At M&M Marketing Agency, we provide customers with turnkey SMS marketing solutions. With our platform, customers can send SMS to their business prospects and customers located anywhere in the world. We simply give you access to our SMS Portal where you can manage your Bulk SMS campaigns. If your business does not have an SMS marketing list, we’ve got you covered still. We have a list of Qatar phone numbers grouped by age, gender and nationality. We can help you send SMS campaigns to your preferred demography.

Our turnkey Bulk messaging solution has proved to be a useful tool for boosting sales, acquiring business leads, and driving customer engagements. However, the effectiveness of SMS goes way beyond business ecosphere. It is helpful for all forms of advertisements, sending events and business notifications, alerts and reminders, security authentication, newsletters, and much more.

We are here to help

The M&M Marketing Bulk SMS service gives you access to useful features such as customized sender ID, scheduled messages, delivery statistics, and much more. Our team of experts is on standby to help you set up your SMS marketing platform that achieves your business objectives.

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